The Network, which will endorse the Startup Europe initiative, aims at connecting key startup players, fostering entrepreneurial culture, and guiding Western Balkan ecosystems towards success.

The Startup Europe Western Balkans Network will:

Focus its efforts in laying the foundations of and sustaining the Western Balkans Network. We will prioritize the creation of new collaborations and connections between start-up players active in various ecosystems throughout the whole region.

Bridge cooperation between the Western Balkans and the Central and Eastern Europe Networks to advance know-how and best practices exchanges. In this regard, we will reduce prevailing gaps that divide the entrepreneurial systems into these two regions, and help them in accessing funding opportunities.

Release policy recommendations and share advice on the available financial tools and opportunities. Network members are well aware of the Western Balkan’s growth potential and, therefore, will commit themselves to transform the region into a promising and attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Guarantee the sustainability of the network through an Action Plan, which will promote the network as a start-up location. Members will develop an Action Plan gathering a stocktaking of the main obstacles for the start-ups’ growth and a range of concrete actions to undertake.